Sunday, January 3, 2010

Practical versus theoretical

Last year,, during mapelei time....

i joined a discussion of my best friend, Ms X with her BFF, Mr Y....
actually they need a third party to solve their problem...

Ms X broke promise to Mr Y..Mr Y spend almost half day to fetch that girl for outing.. because of some miscom, Ms X cancel the promise. Mr Y disappointed and stop contact that girl. Ms Y smells somethng not right with their usual chat, and ask the boy. The boy actually feel a bit angry and hate people who waste his precious time. then, the girl ask for
forgiveness. no answered from that boy. SILENCE.

After hearing (use the court procedure),
Me myself as a third party, deliver my opinion.

1) The girl asks for forgiveness many last the boy accept it....
--> but usually girl will keep asking forgiveness even her forgiveness was accepted just to make sure the relationship remain like before.
--> The theory says: If the girl keep asking something like "do u really dont mind?", "sure u r not mad anymore?" to the boy...the boy will fed up and start to remember the past.

1) Let the time pass and do will heals all those pain...

i just can say here that: "U only can choose either theory or practical way if u r in this situation...sometimes, theory is acceptable when it became the practice...sometime,people prefer the practical way to solve their problem..."

xoxo said: i smell something fishy here~ there's no way to turn back!


RuGGers |8| said...

yerp..exco sukan n rekreasi..
u're lately really into this lovey dovey things sis huh??